Yoga Complements Weight Lifting Perfectly

I have always been at a healthy weight, but I didn’t consider myself perfectly fit until I combined yoga and weight training. When I first heard of that, I thought that was similar to mixing cereal and salad. While they might be okay on their own, it just didn’t make sense to incorporate the two together. I changed my mind when someone who I look up to told me why they do that. When I found out that this person did both, I admit that I was confused at first, but I quickly began to understand why these two are perfect complements to one another.

I admit now that I had the wrong idea about yoga. I honestly thought that it was something that women did to say they exercised, then they could go have lunch at the country club together. It’s funny how fact can be so different than perception. I learned that yoga requires amazing strength. Read the rest of this entry »

Mom Taught Me a Lot About Alternatives to Store-bought Things

My family was always big on natural products when I was a kid. Many people would be surprised to learn that this was back in the 1970s. Terms like “organic” and “natural” were not really used widely back then. But my family had always been big into growing our own food and using as many natural things as possible. Mom was always espousing aloe vera health benefits to us. She always had one growing in the backyard, and she had a lot of other plants she used for medicinal purposes.

When any of us kid had a sunburn, mom would instruct us to go outside to cut off one of the long, pointy stems growing from mom’s aloe plant. After we would bring it to her, we would watch while she would cut a slit down the entire length of the stem. Read the rest of this entry »

The Dangers of Road Rage

Accidents happen. In my philosophy, life is basically one series of accidents that cascade one after another. The people you meet. The people you fall in love with. The job and role in life that you inevitably take on. All these are accidents of happenstance – serendipity, really. Of course there are those accidents that can take lives and harm us, too, which is how I ended up sitting in the office of a San Jose accident injury chiropractor after being struck while biking. Seriously, what is with drivers thinking that they control the road? It’s 2016 people, it’s time to realize that alternative methods of transportation are more popular than ever today. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being pumped into communities all across the United States to help support these alternative methods. Read the rest of this entry »

There Are Two Great Exercises for Abs

When I hit 45, I became frustrated with how much my body was showing my age. I always looked so young, but my body looked so out of shape. After decades of listening to people show their surprise by my age because they thought I was so much younger, suddenly that changed, and they knew exactly how old I was. I wanted to know the best exercise to lose belly fat so that I could feel better and look better. I found myself hoping that it would also make other people see that I look better, too.

I have done a lot of walking and even some running, but I had never spent much time on floor exercises. I found out that ab crunches are important. I struggled with them at first. Read the rest of this entry »

Ovarian Cysts Pregnancy: How To Treat Painful Ovarian Cyst While Pregnant

It can be a big shock for you finding out you have an ovarian cyst while being pregnant. You start worrying about the baby and don’t know what to do. But the best advice at the beginning may be to calm down a little bit because the effects of stress can be even worse.

Please consider this: Cysts are not that uncommon during pregnancy. About 1 in 1000 pregnant women have some. And besides, the vast majority of ovarian cysts found during pregnancy are benign. The incidence of ovarian cancer is only 1 in 25000 births.

Normally, your doctor will use ultrasound to find out if the cyst is benign or malignant. The cyst is probably benign if the ultrasound exam shows that its strictly fluid-filled, without septation or thick walls.

If you are pregnant and have a cyst that is benign and small you shouldn’t worry too much because it normally resolves on its own. But if your cyst is large (even benign) there is a risk it may rupture or torte (twist on themselves). Either of these events leads to significant pain and the potential for miscarriage or preterm delivery for the baby.

Large (more than 6-8cm) cysts are usually removed surgically if they do not decrease in size spontaneously over the course of a few weeks because they can affect the growth of the baby. In certain cases, a cyst may be dealt with via laparoscopy, but normally (very) large cysts require a large, open incision. Your cyst may also be surgically removed if it is solid or filled with debris, is irregularly shaped or causes severe pain.

The best time to operate is in the second trimester, ideally around 14-16 weeks, because the baby is small. If you decide to wait until the baby is born there can be the risk of an emergency surgery.

If the pain is not that severe a chamomile herbal tea (Matricaria recutita), Echinacea or milk thistle can help as it reduces the pain and soothes tense muscles.

Even if a surgery may be necessary in your case, please try to keep in mind that in the huge majority women who underwent surgery to remove even very large cysts during pregnancy went on to deliver normal, healthy babies.

Aerobics Gym Getting Pregnancy Over 40 years

Getting pregnant over 40 years needs peak healthy conditions. The mothers to be need to coordinate closely with their doctors to ensure that both mother and baby are safe and healthy. Exercise is vital and helpful for older pregnant women because health, body strength and overall vitality by and large decreases with age.

An exercise regime lessens the aches and pains connected with pregnancy, it boosts frame of mind and spirits, and improves sleeping habits. More importantly, exercise helps the body prepare for childbirth by way of stronger muscles and better stamina. If a expecting woman exercises religiously, she is also preparing the body to get back to its old form and state after delivery.

It is always prudent to see a doctor prior to starting on a regular work out regimen for women having a baby over 40. The suggested exercises are by and large not dangerous but they may not be advisable to do in the last trimester of carriying a baby.

Most women who want to get pregnant at the age of 40 are career women. They keep to very fixed schedules and so most doctors will suggest low-impact exercises in the gymnasium. There are frequent day by day classes at preset times, which makes it easier for would be mothers to slip in keep fit in their every day routines. An aerobics class for pregnant women will allow women to interact with other pregnant women and to gain insights on how to care for themselves and the children theyre carrying.

Both doctors and fitness experts agree that swimming is a good keep fit option for women getting pregnant over 40. Swimming tones the arms and legs, while offering heart, breathing and blood flow benefits. It also gives women having a baby the feeling of weightlessness even with the added weight.

The simplest form of exercise is walking. This is also the best physical activity for the older pregnant woman. Walking keeps a pregnant women fit with no unnecessarily straining the knees and ankles. It can be done anytime, anywhere devoid of any equipment other than a good pair of walking shoes. In addition, it is safe to be done all all the way through the pregnancy.

All types of keep fit as long as its done reasonably can be beneficial. If you are a party animal, you might want to go dancing at home to your favorite tunes just to be able to move around. You have to avoid routines that require twirls, jumps and leaps, though. Throughout all these likely exercise routines and regimens, it is wise not to push your body past limits.

Five Fitness Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy concern – Pregnancy is very important stage in the life of all females. All women go through different changes in their physical as well as mental health condition. It is very important for a pregnant woman to remain fit and healthy because in turn it will keep the baby healthy and would help in normal delivery. For normal delivery the mother should be fit to cope with the delivery. At the time of delivery many women have great problem because many of them are not fit which increases complications and normal delivery is not possible also it could prove fatal for mother and child.

Here are the five fitness tips for pregnant women, which would help them to remain fit and healthy.

First, eat food which is rich in protein, vitamin and minerals so that during pregnancy you are healthy and by eating such a diet will help in healthy growth of baby in your womb as well as help in normal delivery.

Second, always take light walk daily especially after eating food so that legs don’t get swollen due to sitting. Many pregnant women have problem of leg swelling in later stage of pregnancy, to avoid this one needs to walk daily from initial stage of pregnancy to keep fit.

Third, doing yoga during pregnancy helps a lot because it helps in relaxing mind and body and in turn leads to normal pregnancy.

Fourth, remain happy and keep laughing so that it keeps you mentally fit and it has positive effect on the baby. This will also help in normal delivery.

Fifth, on a lighter note, all women are very happy when they shop and by shopping a pregnant woman will get good exercise physically as well as mentally. So go shopping.

Will these tips help?
These tips are followed by every pregnant woman all around the world but remember whatever you do, you should first check with your gynecologist so that there is no complication in your pregnancy. This tips may not help every pregnant women because every case is different so please make sure with your doctor first.

Pregnancy And The Eyes Relation

Pregnancy affects the body in different ways including the eyes.

Some women may experience blurred vision at distance (driving, watching TV) or near (reading, computer) due to a shift in their glasses prescription during pregnancy. It is not uncommon for the prescription to shift back to the pre-pregnancy prescription after delivery. It is recommended not to change the glasses prescription as long as the difference in vision is not too great.

Along with changes in prescription, contact lens wearers may also develop intolerance slight discomfort while pregnant. Due to hormonal changes, the front surface of the eye can swell up slightly and tear production decreases, causing the eyes to dry out. Contact lenses need to stay moist so it will absorb the tears that are supposed to lubricate the surface of the eye. The symptoms of dryness include foreign body sensation, tearing, scratchy red eyes which get worse with contact lens use. Artificial tears help lubricate and alleviate the irritation and can be used as needed.

Hygiene is very important with contact lens use. Infection or irritation is more common when touching the eyes a lot or when contacts are overused. Sleeping or wearing contact lenses for long hours prolongs the exposure of bacteria and debris to the surface of the eye thus increasing the chance of eye infections. In pregnancy many antibacterial drugs are not considered safe. All infections (including eye infections) become harder to treat. Preventative medicine is always the best medicine- having good contact lens practices ensures avoidance of eye infections altogether.

Changes within the blood vessels can also occur when the pregnant mother has hypertension or diabetes. Preexisting diabetics are at a higher risk of developing complications than those diagnosed with gestational (pregnancy induced) diabetes. In diabetes blood vessel walls can be affected, leaking blood out onto the retina (the back layer of the eye). Normally, blood vessels carry nutrients and oxygen to the retinal tissue. If there is damage to the blood vessels (from diabetes or high blood pressure) not enough blood (nutrients/oxygen) can reach the retinal tissue. This causes damage to the retina resulting in a decrease or loss of vision. Maintaining good control of blood pressure and blood sugar is very important to avoid eye problems.

If you have any concerns or questions see your eye doctor.

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